5 Reasons Why You Should Download Our KW App!

Reason #1 – You can search homes that are for sale with the most accurate up-to-date information through our app. If you’re driving around town and you see a for sale sign just open up our app to find out all the details!  You can even look at homes for sale across the country too!

Reason #2 – You can search for rentals on our app. You can target an area your like to live in to see available rentals or homes for sale by dropping a pin or drawing an outline search on the map within the app to see what is available.

Reason #3 –  You can use filters and save searches. If you’re looking for a specific number of bedrooms, baths, price range, or area you can filter your search on the app to show only those properties that fit your needs and wants.  You can even save properties to your list of favorites. The App will let JoAnna and I know that’s a home you are interested in viewing or more information.

Reason #4 – You can look up open houses. You can pull up a list of open houses in the area. We all like to look at open houses. It’s easy to see which ones are available to view.

Reason #5 – You can also figure out what your mortgage payments might be for your dream home! Simply download our handy dandy app and use the mortgage calculator to see if your dream home fits into your budget!

Big bonus!  You can use the app to communicate with us anytime. You can send us a text message, call us, or send us an email straight from the app!

Be sure to download the app today and like our Facebook Page or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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