Hey, it’s JoAnna Hackett and Tracy Jackson here with the Jackson Hackett Group at Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast and this is your 2-minute Tuesday.

Today we’re talking about what’s currently going on with the Pensacola Real Estate Market. The Pensacola Real Estate market is still hot, hot, hot! Versus May of last year we’re up to 8%. According to Pensacola Association of Realtors we have sold and closed over 2,100 units in the month of May. June is looking to be on trend with that as well.

The median sales price for single family residential home is about $190,000. The homes are only staying on the market for 66 days. If you want to get your house sold and close, let’s put it on the market now.

What’s going on with the rental market? Right now there’s about 218 rentals on the market, which is not a lot of rental homes to choose from. If you find a rental home on the rental market that you like, go ahead and fill out that application, get that deposit submitted and sign the lease right away!

If you’re looking for a three-bedroom rental home, three bedroom rentals are about $1,180 a month. If you’re looking for an 4 bedroom rental home in the month of June the average rate is  about $1,600 per month. The average days on market for a rental home is only 39 days on the rental market. I’ve seen rental homes go way quicker than that, within days. Our rental homes are not staying on the market that long at all. Our rental vacancies are less than a week on the market.

If you need some more information on the sales market or if you’re looking to sell your House, or if you need rental information, give us a call. You can reach us, Tracy or JoAnna, at 850-912-9488 or JacksonHackettGroup.com. It’s a good place to look all properties for sale or rent on the Pensacola Real Estate Market.

This has been your 2-Minute Tuesday, with Tracy and JoAnna at Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast. See you soon.